Sunday, May 17, 2015

Maybe soul mates do exist. From the first moment you meet, you feel this deep connection from the depth of your soul. As if your auras have intertwined before in a much complex universe that understands radiation and not language. You realize there is just so much you have in common, and yet you are so different, that it stops making sense. You understand each other without the need for talking, silence is actually the most comfortable state you share. You also talk for hours and hours about everything and anything, challenging each other, learning from each other, bearing your souls to one another. You exchange a chemistry so profound that everything you do together is intensified and much more pleasurable. It makes sense to you how a person can have so much effect on another, building them up to leave them in crumbles at any given time, with no warning or signs.


  1. So I just noticed after I sent you my first message that it did not show up on your site... So you do in fact get creepy idiots then! Haha... Only problem is... How do I know if I get a reply then?? I hope I get notified even though I can't see a reply in your blog.

  2. My first message... "I'm surprised you don't get any creepy idiots commenting on your blog! So your blog is mainly a collection of interesting and beautiful photos... Have you taken any yourself? Have you ever lived in Montreal? I do have a few questions about your insight on soul mates... If you care to address them... Well let me know. Very catchy blog name by the way."

    1. Hello Dean, I never actually got your message up until now. I don't get much comments yet alone creep as I think of my bog as pretty low key. Thank you so much for being an interested browser. I take very few pictures myself and you can probably tell from the difference in resolution as I am not a photographer I only use my phone camera.I have lived in Montreal for 8 years up until this year. I would love to discuss with you further, as I love simulating conversation. As you can tell from my text, that is my insight on soul mates :)

  3. I lived in Montreal too... Beautiful city! You should consider buying a camera probably, nonetheless, some photos are gorgeous. I'd be lying if I said that I was a regular browser, i just stumbled here from your tinder profile (sorry if I wasn't supposed to post that). What's funny now is i have no idea what your name is or how you look like. I guess blogs can give me a window into the life of the person behind them, and your blog has peaked my interest. Did you write this soul mate post yourself? If so, what's with the last sentence about leaving then in crumbles... That post sure took an unexpected turn! Which leads me to wonder if this is from past experience. Maybe I'm getting too personal, but if you did in fact write this, an i right to conclude that you thought you had met your soul mate and then things crumbled? Well I'm a sucker for stimulating face-to-face conversation, so if you're up for it, whether about soul mates or any other topic, you know where to find me. I promise i won't get personal if you don't want to... We can just debate opinions. No strings attached, strictly an intellectual affair :P. If not, well I may still check out your blog every now and then anyway and comment at any new posts that I find interesting. Never really commented on a blog in my life before yours!

  4. An immensely powerful piece of prose I've come across in a long time. Soul mates definitely exist, it's just a matter of radiations and electromagnetism - the energies we humans emit, to put it more scientifically. When frequencies match, voila, that's called love.